80 Direct Sales Blog Articles 

Looking for fresh content to spice up your training? Run out of idea to use on your blog? These pre-written blog posts will last you an entire year!

Take these files and alter them to suit your needs (or post as-is.) You get PLR rights to them. PLR means Private Label Rights, meaning you have the copyright to use them in your business.

What You Can Do:

  • DO use as is, or altered, in a blog
  • DO use as is, or altered, in an email
  • DO use as is, or altered, on social media
  • DO use as is, or altered, to train your team

What You Can't Do: 

  • DON'T put them together into a book and try to sell it on Amazon (Amazon won't let you)
  • DON'T resell this to someone else
  • DON'T let someone else use this for their blogs/marketing/team. They must purchase their own set.  

Only $37, one-time purchase


  • 80 articles 
  • Digital. You print and access on your computer. Nothing is physically mailed to you. 
  • DOC & TXT files 
  • PLR rights (you may use for a blog, for emails, give away artices, use for training, or as training. You may not transfer PLR rights to someone else, or sell as PLR.)
  • One-time purchase. Instant access. Login after purchase here.
  • 60-day money back guarantee