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Party Games for Consultants

Candle Rose Dating Game

Let me guess: you have two main goals at your parties:  

  • Make sure that your guests enjoy themselves 
  • Make sure you leave with at least one party added to your calendar 

After all, if you are in the party plan business but are not having parties, chances are your business is not going to well!  

Well, guess what? Everything you need to kick your datings into overdrive is right here.  

The Candle Rose Dating Game is one of the best games to encourage bookings at a party. The idea is to find out which guests are willing to become hostesses – without actually asking them.  

Of course, the easiest and most straightforward way to figure out if a guest is willing to book a party is to simply ask. I definitely recommend that you not let a single guest leave your party without being offered the opportunity to book a party. However, this game will do two extra things:  

  • Gives your guests the extra incentive to book a party 
  • Gives them fair warning that you will be asking them to book a party, which can take the pressure off you and make it easier for you to ask  

Many consultants actually find it uncomfortable to ask their guests to book parties or listen to their opportunity presentation. Games like the Candle Rose Dating Game makes this process a bit smoother.

Candle Rose Dating Game Includes:

  • 16-page illustrated guide
  • Inserts template
  • Game script

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