Private One-on-One Coaching with Rayven Monique

Take Positive Action and guide your business down the path of success! Work directly with me, Rayven Monique, to start or grow your direct sales business. Whether you're looking to establish a lead-generating online website, looking to grow and coach your team, or wanting to build your home party or fundraising income, my experience and creativity can help you reach your goals.

I’ve had quite the varied direct sales career, from being a consultant in one company, to one of the largest distributors in another, and ultimately starting my own direct sales company from the ground floor.   

I have been involved in Direct Sales and Network Marketing since the year 2000, when my mother said she wanted to throw a Tupperware party and didn't know any consultants. So I called up Tupperware and joined!  

As a consultant, when I ran into obstacles in my own direct sales business, I developed systems that handled my issues - and I've gone on to teach thousands these systems. 

My goal is for you to be as successful as you possibly can be in your business. I want you to set high goals, and reach every single one of them. I want to help change your life for the better, and to empower you to change the lives of others. I want you to succeed.

What Does Coaching to Success Include?

50-Minute Coaching Calls

Twice each month we'll get on the phone for a private one-on-one session to set new goals, create action steps, and address any mindset issues holding you back. 

Daily Voxer Access

Hit a roadblock? Feeling overwhelmed? Every business day you can email or Voxer me for quick replies on ANYTHING that's on your mind. (I'll reply in the morning if it comes in after I'm done for the day.) 

In-Person VIP Day

Either one full 8-hr day in-person, or two virtual half-days, this is our chance to get down to the nitty gritty and create the next evolution of your business. From Sponsoring to an Online Presence, we'll accomplish it! 

Director's Key Access 

You'll get access to all Personal Use as well as White Label Rights (coming soon) digital products from Promoting Direct Sales for as long as you're a client.   

What Other Direct Sellers Are Saying


In my two years coaching with Rayven I have grown so much. She is always encouraging and keeping things fresh. The training that she has provided to me continues to assist in my success for my business. Since working with her, my team has grown to over 250 people!

Marissa H.


I just want to say a great big huge THANK YOU!! I learned a better way to work my business on social media thanks to Rayven and signed up a new affiliate for my business!  YOU ROCK. I plan to rethink my entire way of working my business!!”

Holli F. 


I love working with Rayven. She has not only coached me to business success and a nice passive income, but given me the confidence to believe in myself to do things I never thought I could. I trust her guidance implicitly.”

Jessica L. 

Rayven Monique

If you haven’t met me in-person yet, you may be hesitant to invest in me as your coach. Honestly, I’d love the opportunity to meet with you one-on-one prior to see if we’re the right fit! So, I am offering up a complementary quick 15-minute “getting to know you” call in my zoom room.  You can book your free zoom room call here:

Schedule a FREE One-on-One with Rayven

I have learned in my years in direct sales and online marketing that building a business is about more than just a great idea – it takes a village of resources and connections, an adjustment of mindset, and most importantly, another set of eyes to see things you may have missed. As a business and Radical Leadership Coach, I do all three of these things.  

You may have met me and are ready to jump in and get started. Fabulous! You can get started right now.

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