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Whether you're a marketer looking to gain traction in the highly profitable niche of direct sales/network marketing, or you're a direct seller looking for offerings to grow your team, PromotingDirectSales PLR is your source for quality worksheets, trainings, webinars, games, and marketing materials for the MLM Industry. 

Challenge Your Team Worksheet Kit

Our free gift to you!  

We'd love for you to experience the unique quality of Promoting Direct Sales PLR, so we are gifting you with a worksheet set designed for leaders to motivate their members to take action.  

Each page in this worksheet kit comes in full color with graphics in JPG and PDF, as well as a black and white simplified version in JPG, PDF, and Word.

The package consists of 4 worksheets designed for direct sellers to use to motivate their team members. It could be made into a team workbook, sold directly to direct sales leaders, or used for your own business. Includes:

  • 24-in-24 Worksheet
  • Full Speed Facebook Worksheet
  • Talk to 3 and Then Tell Me Worksheet
  • Conquer Your Comfort Zone Worksheet

Also included is a complementary promotional email to send to a direct sales list, and blurbs to advertise the kit on social media. 

Promoting Direct Sales - Private Label Rights

All PromotingDirectSales PLR digital products come with Private Label Rights, allowing the buyers to reuse or resell the products in any of the following ways:

  • Personal Use - implementing the trainings and worksheets into your own direct sales business
  • Team Use - present the materials to your direct sales team to grow their businesses
  • Coaching Use - use the materials while coaching 1:1 with network marketers from your company or from others
  • Resell Use - market the materials to others in direct sales and network marketing and keep 100% of the profits
  • Altered Use - change the materials and use them in alternate niche markets, such as etsy, KDP, journals and low content, etc 

You have full permission to alter and change any PromotingDirectSales PLR product in any way you desire, adding in information for specific companies, teams, logos, etc. 

What can't you do with PromotingDirectSales PLR products? You can't freely distribute the materials, and you cannot resell the reseller's rights (meaning, you can't tell someone buying YOUR product that THEY may resell it)


According to the Direct Selling Association in 2018 direct selling represented $35.4 billion in sales! There are 6.2 million direct sellers who build a business full time (30 or more hours/week) or part-time (fewer than 30 hours/week) and sell products/services to consumers and may sponsor people to join their team.

There is HUGE potential for tapping into this market and so many different niche opportunities.  If consultants and distributors in direct sales and network marketing are a part of your community… this PLR content is a huge asset.     

Coming Soon...

·       Printables
·       Party Games
·       Business Templates
·       Direct Sales Trainings
·       Full Sales Webinars
·       Swipes and Social Media Promotions
·       Images and Infographics
·       Video Content

*Source: https://www.dsa.org/statistics-insights/overview

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